Transaction Declined In BHIM App

Sending money with bhim app can be quite frustrating when the transaction keep declining for some reason. If you have also used it for sending money to your friend, family member or a merchant and your payment was declined, there are number of reasons why a transaction may decline. In this post we’ll talk about why a transaction initiated with bhim app may decline, why it happens and how you can fix it.


Why do your UPI transactions getting declined in BHIM?

With bhim app sometimes when you try to make payment to a friend or perhaps paying through a UPI payment option on a website, it gets declined because it doesn’t complete properly. That happens because of several reason and one of them is temporary slow server response or glitches in the banking network. However, not always it is a server related issue, there could be other issues behind declining transactions. These issues could be:

  • Payment declined, but amount has been debited from account and not getting credited to receiver’s account
  • Unexpected delay in account credit
  • Transaction not completing at all because of no internet connectivity
  • Taking more time in receiving OTO for authentication than usual
  • Browser related issues and technical errors
  • Wrong UPI PIN entered
  • Receiver doesn’t have bhim app installed and verified
  • Wrong bank account number and IFSC code if payment has been sent to a non-UPI supported bank
  • Some other unknown technical error in the bhim app or UPI system


Chances of a payment transaction getting declined is less in bhim app because it is based on UPI system. Transactions are completed in just few seconds because there is no delay period as money gets debited and credited from bank account to another.

In majority of payment declined issues, it is related to poor or very slow internet connectivity. Sometimes while making a transactions internet gets disconnected for a while and because of that it gets disrupted and remain incomplete.

The other reason why your transactions might be declining is either your bank server is experience heavy load or facing slow load response. In that case you can try after some time and issues like this gets resolved real quick by bank’s support technicians.


In case your bank account has not been approved for sending payments using net-banking, debit or credit card then also a transaction may decline in bhim app. In that case contacting the bank customer support is recommended.

If the amount you are sending is more than the available balance in your bank account, then also the transaction will be rejected by UPI system in bhim app.

If your bank doesn’t support UPI based payments then also payments gets rejected. If that is the case then you have to other open an account in UPI supported banks or else wait for your bank to start supporting UPI payments.


  1. Sir my payment transaction was failed but balance were debited from my account.
    Kindly tell me the procedure to get refund.

  2. Sir, my payment transaction was made but balance was debited from my account.
    Kindly tell me the procedure to get refund.

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