How To Request Money In BHIM App?

request money using bhim appGovernment of India recently introduced BHIM App in order to push cashless economy. The application is feature rich and makes it a seamless procedure to send and receive payments instantly. Demonetization made cashless payment popular in India and several apps became instantly famous but there was no government developed app. Therefore the launch of bhim app was a huge success and it resulted in millions of downloads.

If you have already downloaded, installed and verified the bhim app in your mobile phone and now wondering how to request payment using the app, then the steps provided below will guide you in the right direction. Let’s learn how you can use bhim app to request money from your friends, family member or customers.


How To Request Money Using BHIM App

  1. To request money to a sender, go to home screen of bhim app in your mobile phone and tap on ‘Request Money’ to select the option.
  2. Now, enter sender’s mobile number or payment address. You can also select it from the contact list on your phone. You can also enter aadhaar card number of the sender.
  3. In the next step, enter the amount of money you want to receiver.
  4. Once amount is entered, tap on ‘Send’ button.
  5. Once request is sent, the transaction will remain in pending state until payment is not received in your account.
  6. Notification will delivered when the money is transferred in your account.
  7. Requesting money in bhim app can also be done using the QR code. To obtain it go to home screen >> profile and select account to obtain the QR code.


BHIM App without a doubt has changed people’s mind set in terms of sending and receiving money post demonization. It has made it extremely simple and easy for people in India to make digital payments specially if they have don’t have cash to pay.

Using the app you can make fastest possible money transactions using your mobile phone. It is a reliable and secure app developed on United Payment Interface by the NPCI. It enables you to link your bank account with the app in seamless way to accept payments and send money. To request payment from your friends, family members or customers, this app does a wonderful job and you don’’t even have to provide bank account details, IFSC code and other details to get payments.

The most impressive aspect of Bhim App is its clean and basic interface that is designed to be convenient and easy to use for those who are not technology savvy. Size of the application is about 1.30 MB which is very light compared to other digital payment apps.


Download and installation process of bhim app is simple and works just like any other app. Just go to Google Play Store, search for it and tap on download. It will install in few seconds and then you can open it to begin with setup procedure. Setup starts with app sending you a SMS on your mobile number that contains an OTP for verification. Once app has verified your mobile number it prompts you to set 4 digit UPI PIN that is required for authenticating transactions.

There is a pre-loaded list of UPI supported banks in the app. You can select one of them in which you have an account and proceed with rest of the setup. Once everything is setup correctly, your mobile number will your payment address that you can give to money sender to receive payments. Money can also be sent to banks that currently do not support UPI system. For this you have to use bank account number and IFSC code to send payments.


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