How Does BHIM App Get All Bank Account Details?

To register and verify bhim app all you need to provide is your mobile number and last 6 digit of your ATM/Debit card’s number and the expiry date. So, how does the app get all your bank account’s information? You did not provide them the account details, so how did they get it? Let’s learn how they get it!


The bhim app is built on UPI payment platform which is developed by the NPCI and that is a government entity regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. UPI system has the functionality to pre-fetch all the bank account details of a user by using the mobile number. This is why they ask you to verify the app with a mobile number register with the bank account you want to use. So, the mobile number work as a link to fetch all the details from the respective bank in which you operate an account.


In a masked mechanism, the UPI system fetches all the details of a bank account with the phone number linked to it. Although, the app gets all relevant details needed to complete transactions, it cannot see all the details such as your non-bhim transactions, historical data, fixed deposits, and other details stored in bank account.

All the information fetching process is done over secure banking networks that is highly encrypted. BHIM App do not store any of the details nor they ever use it.

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