HDFC Bank UPI App – Using It For Sending & Receiving Money

hdfc bank upi appWith HDFC Bank UPI feature it has become a lot easier and faster process for users to send and receive payments to same or other bank accounts. Best thing about it is the speed of transfer which is instant. You just have to download the HDFC mobile banking application and register for UPI ID and you are good to go. You can pay and receive upto Rs. 1 lac and there is no need for registering and adding beneficiary like it is needed when you use NEFT or RTGS.


HDFC is one of the finest banks in India and they always up their game by introducing innovating banking features. With UPI addition to accounts, money transfer has become super easy for everyone. It is specially good for digital economy initiative of the government because it promotes less use of cash by enabling easy bank money transfer. UPI system not only makes it a speedy process, but it also safe and hassle free.

With HDFC Bank’s UPI App payment feature, there is no need to provide your personal bank account details such as account number, email address, mobile number and IFSC Code. You just need to register the UPI ID in HDFC’s mobile app and create the Virtual Payment Address (VPA). You can give this VPA to anyone who wants to send you money. It is undoubtedly a much faster, safer and hassle free way of making digital payments. Here are some reason why you should choose UPI over other options for sending and receiving money online:


UPI is unified payment interface developed by the government of India’s organisation. It makes it safe, secure and better option to process payments online.

UPI allows account to account money transfer across all the banks that are connected with UPI system. So, it not only allows you to send payment to HDFC bank account but also to other banks’ accounts.

There is no more need to add beneficiary to your HDFC net banking interface and wait for so many hours for verification to process. This is because with UPI funds can be transferred using the virtual payment address of the receiver.


There is no risk of hacking or money theft because UPI money transfers are secure and safe with authorized secret MPIN number. This secret number is only known to the sender, therefore there is no chance of fraud usage.

How To Create VPA in HDFC Bank UPI

Here is at the video tutorial created by HDFC Bank team. It is easier to follow and can be done by anyone who know how to use a smartphone.

You need to download the HDFC mobile banking app on your android smartphone from the Google Playstore. Install the app and then open it.

You have to login using your HDFC customer ID and set password.


Once you are logged in, go to UPI tab and open it. You will see it ask you to enter the VPA which is the virtual payment address. You can set it according to your choice. For instance it can be yourname@hdfcbank or anything else you’d like to set.

Next step would ask you to enter your name and set secret question for account security purpose.

Next option would be to select your bank and account number that you would like to link with your VPA. Once set, please click on register to complete the HDFC UPI registration process.

Please understand that UPI outwards transactions are not free and will be chargeable from next month onwards. Also, make sure you do not share your customer ID and MPIN with anyone to keep your money safe and secure.

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