Tuesday, March 30

BHIM App QR Code – How To Generate It For Payments

BHIM digital payment app has undoubtedly impressed majority of its users and you can tell that by the comments and views made by users on Google Play Store. Biggest reason why it has been a successful launch is its simplicity, ease of use and super clean interface that makes it very easy for any one to use. The app is not cluttered with unnecessary features which makes it simple and straightforward process to send and receive money.

Deriv Code scanning to pay is another feature that is very impressive. It makes it fast and easier to scan the code to request and send money. In this post we shed some light on how the system works and how to generate QR Code in bhim app to send and receive money faster.

Using BHIM QR Code To Send Money

Even though the standard send and request money feature available in australian fx brokers app are good enough for all users, but if you need a faster option to make transactions then opt for QR Code method. You can generate the QR Code in your app’s interface and let the sender scan it to pay in seconds. Generating the printable QR Code with the app is super easy and anyone can do it to be able to transfer money in no time. it is probably the fastest way available in digital payment world currently to send and receive money. Just generate the code, pass it on to the sender to scan and done.

How To Generate QR Code

Follow the steps below to generate the bhim app QR Code that is exclusive for your account:

  1. Open bhim app in your mobile.
  2. Go to app’s home screen and tap on profile section.
  3. Now select an account to generate the QR code. That’s it. It’s that simple.
  4. You can either print it for displaying it for customers to pay or else let a sender scan it to send you payments.