Aaadhar Payment App Download & Installation

download aadhaar payCurrently there are 7+ lakh merchants using the bhim-aadhaar payment app with 27 banks. The government is aiming to surpass this number with the launch of updated version of bhim app that now works as a cashless payment accepting method for merchants. The Bhim-Aadhaar based payment system is robust and offers an easy way to accept payments for merchants and shopkeepers in India. For consumers also it is a great option because all they need is aadhaar number and fingerprint to pay.

The revamped version of bhim app which is also called Aadhaar Payment App is an incredible option for those without smartphones or people who do not have credit or debit card. With Bhim-Aadhaar payment system installed at a merchant’s shop, there is no need for debit/credit card or a POS machine to make digital payments.


A simple biometric card reader can be installed and attached to a smartphone to scan fingerprints and you can start accepting payments. Instead of opting for expensive POS machines provided by banks, this Bhim-Aadhaar system can be used to easily get payments from consumers. Language will also not be an issue because it is already available in 12 languages and more will added soon.

How To Download BHIM Aadhaar Payment App?

There is a lot of confusion about how to download Aadhaar Pay App and install it to take payments. People think that AadhaarPay and BHIM App are different apps, which is incorrect. It is the same app but update one that now allows to be worked as a Merchant’s cashless Aadhaar Payment App. It works with a fingerprint scanner that can be hooked to the smartphone in which the app is installed.


If you are a merchant and want to know how to install the Bhim Aadhaar payment application along with biometric scanner, please follow the step by step tutorial provided below:

To Download the Aadhaar Payment App, please go to Google Playstore in your Android smartphone and search for “BHIM App”. Windows and iPhone users can go to their respective app stores to search for it.

After searching for it, it will show your BHIM App, there you have the option to download and install it. it may take some time to download and install depending on your internet speed and smartphone you are using.

How To Install Biometric Reader For Aadhaar Payment App?

The most challenging aspect of setting up Aadhaar Pay could be installation of fingerprint scanner because it require technical expertise. However, it is easy to do if you follow the steps.


You first need to download the Aadhaar Pay application in your mobile and then install the biometric reader by attaching it with USB cable to the smartphone. You can follow the instructions provided by the company of fingerprint scanner you are using.

Then you can register and verify your bank account in the bhim and setup the UPI PIN and other required details. That is pretty much it and you will be done with biometric scanner integration to star accepting payments with BHIM-AADHAAR digital payment system.

After successful installation and setup of Aadhar Pay System, you will be ready with the installed and application and biometric reader to accept payments from your consumers. To get payment just enter the amount and the customers to enter their aadhaar card number and put the finger on scanner to scan their details and get the linked bank account. Once finger print scanning process is done, NPCI will initiate the payment and merchant will get payment credited to their account.

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