‘Could not fetch a/c’ error in Bhim App

Are you experiencing the ‘Could not fetch a/c’ error in bhim app interface for the mobile number you are using? Worry not because this post will provide you a solution to fix the problem.

So why does this error appears in the first place when you are doing everything correctly? The error displays when you use a phone number that is not updated at the bank account you are opting to use with the bhim App. The app is develped on UPI platform that pre-fetches all the bank account details using the provided mobile number, and if it is not updated by the user in the bank account already, then it shows ‘could not fetch a/c’ error. So, make sure the same mobile number is updated or registered in the bank and then you should try to setup the app with it.


Could not fetch a/c’ error solution

This error can be quikcly fixed by visiting or contacting your bank branch support to update your mobile number in the account. It should be the same number as used in the bhim app to work properly.

You should also activate SMS Banking or Alerts feature in the bank because bhim app sends an sms from your number for verification. So make sure the sms alert function is activated on the same number as well.


Even after doing aforementioned steps to fix the error and it still shows it, you should contact the branch manager and double check all the details of your bank accounts to see what could be the issue. Sometimes the databases used by banks have not updated the mobile number, which could also be the issue why the app is not able to fetch account details.

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