BHIM App For Windows Phone – Download & Installation Insights

bhim app for windowsSo you already have downloaded BHIm App in your Android phone, but what about a windows phone if you have one? Well, unfortunately NPCI hasn’t officially launched windows phone os version of the app as yet. However, we are hopeful that the developers in the organization would be working to launch it sooner or later.

Although there are windows phone emulators that can be used to install Google Play Store on a Windows Phone, but it’s a lengthy process and we do not recommend that. Therefore, it is better to wait for some time to let the BHIM App for Windows OS launched. That would be more secure and the usage experience would be a lot faster as well.


How to download and install Bhim App in Windows Phone?

Once BHIM App would be released for windows phone OS platform, you can visit the Windows Phone Apps section in your mobile and search for ‘BHIM’ and proceed with download and installation process just like any other application.

Upon successful download and installation of the app, you have first verify your mobile number with BHIM App and then register your bank account with it as well. However, you must ensure that the mobile number is already linked with your bank account or else it won’t work for verification.

Once mobile number and bank account verification process is completed you can setup the UPI PIN number which is a 4 digit code required to complete and authorize each transaction you will make with the app. You mobile number will be the payment address that you can send or share with your payment sender to successfully receive money with BHIM App transaction system.


This app has all the traits to completely revolutionize the way people of India send and receive money. It creates a virtual payment address which is directly hooked to the bank account of the user to make and receive payments on the go. However, make sure the bank account linked in the account is in the list of 32 supported banks in the UPI system. Best thing about BHIM App is that money can be sent to people who don’t even have this app installed in their mobiles and to those bank accounts also that are not supported by UPI.

People can easily send and receive money in just few taps on their mobile screen in most secure and convenient way possible. Merchants can accept payments from their customers by using BHIM App, individuals can send money to their family and friends by using the mobile numbers that are used as payment address in BHIM app. Developers of the App has also done a remarkable job by providing support for sending payments to non-UPI supported banks by using IFSC and MMID codes. The app is also expected to be upgraded to USSD platform that stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and that will make it more efficient.


Windows Phones That Supports BHIM App

These are the current windows phones that will provide support for BHIM App: Nokia Lumia 435, Nokia Lumia 730, Nokia Lumia 928, Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 635, Nokia Lumia 830, Nokia Lumia 929, Nokia Lumia 930, Nokia Lumia 925, Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Surface Phone.

How To Use Bhim App In Windows Phone?

Windows phone users can go to Windows Phone App and search for ‘BHIM’ and there they can download and install the application.

After installation is completed, you can select the preferred language. You have option to either pick Hindi or English. With this done, the app will now ask you to verify your phone number by sending an SMS. Tap on next to complete the verification process.

After verification process, enter the 4 digit personal identification number. Once you have set the UPI PIN number, you will be provided an option to select the bank. There is a list of banks, you can select the one in which you have an account.


When you select the bank, the app will scan and automatically pick up your bank account details using your provided mobile number. Therefore, you must use a mobile number that is linked to the bank account already. Now you can select the primary or default bank account that you want to use for all transactions.

In the interface, the app provides you 3 different options — send, request and scan/pay. Transferring money is only possible between verified phone numbers in the application.

If you want to send money to a user, you have to type in the mobile number of the user and amount to send. Once amount and mobile number is entered, app will ask you to enter the MPIN number which is required to authenticate the transaction.

Once transaction is initiated and completed, it will show transaction history in the app interface and money will be instantly credited to receiving user’s account.


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