BHIM App For iPhone: Download For iOS

bhim app for iphoneBHIM App was publicly launched by The Prime Minister that instantly shot it to fame and because of that the instant exposure it received made it one of top trending digital payment apps in India. Most people in India use smartphones and therefore everyone is trying to download BHIM App for digital transactions. Good thing is that the app is available for Android platform and majority of Indians use Android mobiles. However, if you are iPhone user, then you have to wait for few more days because BHIM App for iPhone will be launched this week. It will be announced by NPCI and once launched you can directly download and install it on App Store.

Even though NPCI has done a remarkable job with developing and launching the app in such short span of time after demonetization, but it is still a work in progress when it comes to support for iOS and iPhone. Given the fact BHIM’s base technology framework is UPI system, it flawlessly supports USSD based transactions and other banks’ UPI apps as well. However, they all work on android phones for now and iOS version is expected pretty soon which will make it the most complete digital payments application in India.


How to use BHIM App on iPhone to send and receive money?

This app is undoubtedly a technology revolution as far as digital transactions are concerned because of its easy to use interface, simple and secure cashless money transfer functionality. Unlike a digital wallet, this App is directly linked to your bank account and does not require you to load money in the wallet to make payments. For merchants also it is going to be a huge asset because it directly transfers money in bank account from customer’s bank account. It takes less time for payments and everything happen instantaneously in secure way.

How To Download iOS version of BHIM App For iPhone?

To download the BHIM app on your iPhone you can go to App Store in your phone and there search for ‘BHIM’ and download it. It will install the app in your phone and then you can proceed with rest of the setup. However, currently it is not available in iOS version, but it will be made public in a week’s time and then you can download it.


So, how to use BHIM App on an iPhone? Once you have completed downloading it from App Store, you can install it and then follow up with setup process that ask your to first verify your mobile number, provide bank account details and setup a unique UPI PIN number. This 4 digit number is required to authorize all the transaction you will do in BHIM App. Your mobile number will work as a payment address that you can give the money sender to send you payment.

Setup is very easy and once the bank account is registered, it will a short process of few taps to send and receive money instantly. The iPhone Bhim App allows you to accept money with QR code scanning as well and you can check all the transactions and balance details in the app also. So, just share your number or QR code with the sender and get payments credited to your account instantly.

Good thing about the App is that money can be transferred to non UPI supported banks also by using IFSC code just like it is done in net-banking procedure. There is a long list of supported banks already, and left ones will be added soon in the application.


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