Does Bhim App Work If You Change Mobile Handset?

Yes it does. There is lot of myth about what happens when a user change the mobile handset? Does bhim continue to work normally or something gets changed? To begin with, when you change your handset you have to download and install the app again because it is a completely new device.


If you have lost your old mobile or changing it for some reason, you will need to the following:

  1. In your new mobile phone, download the BHIM App again by going to Google Play Store or App store if you are sing iPhone.
  2. Now, login to the bhim app using the mobile number and password you used at the time of setup in old mobile.
  3. Allow the app to verify your details and device. This is done for your account’s security, so you cannot skip this step.
  4. After verification process is completed, your device will be verified in bhim app’s system and the account will be restored.
  5. That’s it. Your bhim app is ready to send and receive money agains in your brand new phone.


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