BHIM App Cashback Offer & Referral Bonus

bhim app cashback offerThe new updated version of Bhim App is now based on Aadhaar platform and it will work for merchants as a cashless digital payment accepting system. The BHIM-Aadhaar app is integrated with UIDAI database that allows it to work with fingerprint scanner. Government is also pushing merchants to use it over POS machine by offering them cashback offers and referral bonuses. Both merchants and individuals users will be provided cashback under the new scheme.

The reason why government is offering referral bonus and cashback scheme with use of Aadhaar Pay app is to push digital payments in India. With this every new user you refer to use the Bhim App, it will give you Rs. 10 as cashback. So, if you have 20 friends and you refer them to use the app, you can earn upto 200 Rs. The revamped version of the app is developed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) which is not integrated with aadhaar database and works on UPI platform.


Bhim App is already a success as it has successfully facilitated electronic payments by consumers by providing them a clean and intuitive user-interface. Now the new Aadhaar Pay app is android based smartphone app which will be directly linked to aadhaar database and that will enable merchants to accept payments by offering fingerprint scanner. To increase its use government will be offering cashback schemes to people so that it can be spread all over the country from villages to metro cities.

How To Earn Money Using Bhim App Referral Bonus & Cashback

The Bhim App referral bonus scheme is aimed towards individuals and it is created to bring more people in to use the Bhim App platform to send and receive money digitally. It is a great initiative that will undoubtedly force people to use bhim app for making transactions by providing cashback for referring new users. This bonus offer is valid for both existing and new users. The referral will be completed only after three unique financial transaction will be made by the new user and then only cashback will be credited to user’s account.


Once 3 unique transactions (minimum of Rs. 50) is completed by the new user, both new and existing users will be sent notification in Bhim App about the referral bonus. Existing user will be credited Rs. 10 per referral and the new user will be credited Rs. 25 for downloading and making transactions using the bhim-aadhaar payment app.

On the other side cashback scheme is only for merchants and with that merchants can earn upto Rs. 300 per month by referring the app to new merchants who wants to use the app for accepting digital payments.


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