‘Account does not exist’ Error In Bhim App

I’m sure you here because you ran into ‘account does not exist’ error while setting up bank accounts in bhim app right? We’ll discuss in this post about how you can fix this issue in the app and hopefully it won’t bother you again while adding new bank accounts in the app.

Why does ‘account does not exist’ error arises? Before we come to the fix of this problem, let’s understand why this error shows in the first place. The moment your bhim app account is verified and setup, it automatically displays all your bank accounts that are linked or registered with your provided mobile number. This is why you should use the same mobile number that is updated in bank account to verify the bhim app.


A user should also activate SMS banking updates in the account to be able to see the account listed in the app. Below are the steps you should take if bhim app shows a/c does not exist error:

  • Visit your local bank branch and ask them to update your mobile number with the account. it should be the same number you will use with bhim app.
  • Get sms banking or sms alerts service activated by the bak for your account. It should also be the same number that you are going to use bhim app with.
  • Once the mobile number is updated in the bank, go to home screen of the app and then go to Bank Accounts >> Change Bank Accounts >> Select your bank account. There you can access your linked bank accounts.

That should fix your bank account not found or exist error in the app.


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