Aadhaar Merchant Payment App – Cashless Payments For Shopkeepers

Earlier merchants or shopkeepers used to opt for POS machines provided banks to accept digital payments. However, things have become more convenient, easier and cheaper with the arrival of aadhar merchant payment app. Government of India has launched the BHIM-Aadhaar Payment mobile application that merchants can use to receive payments from their customers who have aadhaar linked bank accounts. This system is based on a smartphone that has the app installed in it and has a biometric fingerprint scanner. The only cost for merchant in this setup is to purchase the fingerprint scanner and everything else is free to use.


How To Download Aadhaar Merchant Payment App

Downloading the cashless merchant aadhaar payment app is super easy. You have to open the Google Playstore app in your Android or iPhone Smartphone and then search for ‘BHIM App’ and proceed with installation. After installing the app you have to complete the setup by registering your mobile number, UPI Activation and linking of your bank account.

Along with smartphone with Bhim-Aadhaar Pay application installed you also need a biometric reader / fingerprint scanner so that you can let your customers scan their fingerprint to process payments. Your customers don’t require a mobile phone or the app installed because all the need is their fingerprint and aadhaar card number to pay you.


Merchants must be thinking that how does the aadhaar-bhim payment system work? Well, it is basically a combination of UIDAI and NPCI platform that works as a bridge payment system. When a customer enter his/her aadhaar number and scans the fingerprint, the app instantly connects with the aadhaar database and get the linked bank account detail of the user and lets NPCI allow to authenticate the payment.

With AadhaarPay app available, it has become easier for those whoa re already using UPI apps, because it is easier to use and more convenient as well. Both apps can seamlessly transfer money, but their use is completely different. For instance for person to person money transfer UPI apps are better because there is no need to use the fingerprint scanner. That said, on a merchant’s shop having the Aadhaar Payment App system would be more practical and efficient payment system. This does not require customer to have smartphone and internet connectivity to pay, because Merchant already has the setup and they just need to enter the aadhaar number and scan their fingerprint to initiate payment.


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