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bhim app downloadBHIM App as a digital payment sending and receiving application has been a major success for the government of India. Specially after demonization, government has been pushing hard to make the economy cashless and for that there are already so many digital payment apps available. However, these apps require internet connectivity in mobile phone to operate and in most rural areas in India still have poor connectivity. Also, these apps can be confusing to use for first timer users and specially people living in small towns and villages. Therefore, the need for a simplified and secure digital money transfer app was always there. To solve this, government launched the BHIM App that can be used by anyone to send and receive payment easily by using their bank accounts.


BHIM is an app that is developed on United Payments Interface platform which is also known as UPI. BHIM’s full form is Bharat Interface for Money. Given the core of the app is based on UPI and USSD, its user interface is simple and straightforward. Its simple step by step system makes it very easy for users to make digital money transfers in seconds directly from their linked and verified bank accounts.

The biggest plus point in BHIM is the fact that it allows you to send and receive money just like online banking which is excellent. It is better than those other e-wallet based apps that ask you to first load money in the e-wallet and then use it to make purchases or send money to someone. Good thing is that it operates perfectly on even cheapest of smartphones and there is absolutely no need for internet connectivity that makes it efficient in even remote areas. To transfer money with the app, you just need your thump impression and it will send or receive money in few seconds.


In Indian with even a low cost android mobile can easily download this app visiting the play store. You just have to enter the Aadhaar card number, link bank accounts and you are good to go for sending and receiving money instantaneously. For merchants or shop owners, the app can be downloaded in their mobile phone and then they only need the thumb impression of the customer as the password to accept payment for the sold product or service.

As soon as the announcement made by PM Narendra Modi gone viral about the digital payment app launch, people have been searching for how to download BHIM App. In this post, you’ll be provided insightful information on how to easily download App’s APK file to install in your android smartphone. If you own an iPhone and looking for the iOS version of the App, there is a section below that explains it as well. Let’s begin with android version first:

How To Download BHIM App In Android Mobile

To download the BHIM App, you have to go to the Google Play Store in your android powered smart phone and if you use iPhone, then you can download it by going to App Store.

Android users can go to this link: to download the application and install it. As soon as downloading process is finished it will ask you to open the app. Once opened, it will provide you option to opt for your preferred language. Currently there are two languages available which are English and Hindi. It is expected to support other regional languages soon as well.


As soon as language option is selected it will ask you to tap on ‘next’ to proceed with allowing permission to app to run its functions in your phone. Once you’re done with that, you can tap on ‘Let’s get started’ and proceed.

The next step is to verify your mobile number. Without mobile number verification the app won’t work, so this is a mandatory step. Make sure to use a mobile number for verification which is already linked to the bank account you are going to use. For this process, BHIM App server will send verification SMS on your phone number. If you already have the number linked in the bank account, BHIM App will automatically verify it for you.

In the next step you need to enter the 4 digit number which is the passcode and then in the next step again the same number has to be entered for confirming.

Once you’re done with confirming with 4 digit passcode, you need to select the bank from the provided list of banks where you have accounts registered with your phone number.

In the next step, just select the bank account you wish to use to transact money with the BHIM. That’s it, the app is now successfully downloaded, installed and verified. You can use the app interface to easily send and receive money digitally anywhere in India.


Download BHIM App For iPhone

Currently the App can only be downloaded and installed on Android mobiles, however government has assured of releasing iOS version of BHIM for iPhones very soon. As soon as we get updates on that, we’ll publish the information here in this section.

BHIM App download process is very simple and even people with no experience of using smartphone can do it by following the step by step guide we have provided. It’s undoubtedly a great initiative by the government and it is surely going to help small business owners, service provides, freelancers and other professionals to go completely digital in terms of accepting and giving payments.


  1. Thank you for explaining the download procedure of BHIM App. It would be great if the government run a strong rural Indian awareness campaign about this app to educate the underprivileged people of India.

    1. Yeah i agree. However, the app is a bit buggy at the moment and needs constant improvement which im sure the developers will take care of in future updates.

  2. The app is not working on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 mobile. It’s a good step by the government, but it has to be bugs free sooner or later or other apps will climb up the ranks.

    When you close the app once, it won’t open again and crashes down every time. App’s developers has to work a lot in improving it.

  3. The sad part is the fact that it is not available for Android 4.4 version running phones, which still has a decent number of users and specially in India.

  4. Why does it not supper Bank of India? I have my account in this bank and i need it included in BHIM.

  5. It would be interesting to know that how a tourist travelling in India would be able to pay using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or other such credit cards.

    Are there any provisions provided in the app to facilitate foreign travelers in India to pay for services or products they wish to purchase? Will there be a BHIM credit or debit card? I’m asking because it would be great for those travelers who are not technology savvy and need a solution to pay for food, accommodation and shopping while spending time in India.

  6. I love our PM Narendra Modi for doing such a fabulous work to make India a progressive and digitally powered country. Great app! Keep up the good work.

  7. I don’t really think we need this App for paying and receiving money because it can all be done with an EMV World Card. Biggest downside of this app would be its inability to support multiple bank accounts which i’m hoping would be fixed soon.

    Other disadvantage is the fact that you can’t use BHIM App to make or receive international payments. For this, i’d stick to Payoneer, EntroPay or PayPal for now, because they have more features and bigger coverage in terms of supported number of banks.

  8. Does BHIM work with international eCommerce websites such as eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress? I would also like to know whether it would work with Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Microsoft Store to pay for products or subscriptions.

  9. Nice App, but State Bank subsidiaries should be included in supported banks because millions of people use those regional banks for transactions. Very smart move by PM Modi though!

  10. What about the security? Does it support 128 bit ssl or 256 bit ssl encryption? With ever increasing hacking cases, security of such apps should be the priority.

  11. What a perfect and useful application for money transfer. Amazing Pm Modi can only do this.

  12. This app is going to be the game changer because it will be very useful for common man in India.

    At the beginning it will take some time for people to learn how to use it properly, but with practice and time it will become a habit to pay and receive money using this application.

  13. Good and very thoughtful initiative by the Government. I’m sure people will support it and use it for daily life transactions.

  14. I need this App on my iPhone. Please send me the link and procedure to download and install it.

  15. Thank you Prime Minister Modi for this amazing App. We are always with you in all good steps to make the country better.

  16. Where is the option for thumb impression as claimed by Pm Modi to transfer money? I can’t see it in my app.

  17. I have more than one account in different banks, how do i connect them all in my BHIM App interface?

  18. Is this app suitable for small shop owners? How to scan fingerprint with it to accept payment in my local shop? Thanks.

  19. What can i do if my bank account is not in the list provided in the app? Please help me. 🙂

  20. What is the use of this app when you don’t even have banks like State bank of Bikaner and Jaipur.

  21. When will windows and iOS version of app will be launched? They should have release all versions same time.

  22. For those who don’t have internet in their mobile can also download the BHIM App’s APK file for android and then install it locally for offline use.

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