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Making a country like India corruption free is a difficult task because of the parallel cash economy that runs on black money. Demonetization was probably the most challenging decision for government of India to make because of its impact on common citizens and it affected them massively by making life difficult to survive without cash. However, this bold move also encouraged people to adopt digital payment systems to send and receive money easily.

Today, Google Play Store and iOS App Store is flooded with digital payment apps but most of them are merchant to merchant e-wallets and also have security issues. To overcome this challenge and promote the cashless economy, Om Narendra Modi government came up with Bank To Bank money transfer app called ‘BHIM’ which is developed by the government organization on UPI system.

There is no doubt that BHIM App is a ground breaking initiative to make India a fully digital payment based economy to make the system more transparent and control the flow of black money as well. However, it is a newly launched app and most people India are not aware of it and how it works. To make things easier for our fellow Indians, we have built this website that will guide them in the right direction. On our website you can explore BHIM App related help tutorials and information posts that will teach you how to use it for sending and receiving payments on your mobile phone.

In case you need BHIM App related information or have a query regarding it, please send us your emails and we’ll follow up to answer back as soon as possible. We hope you found this BHIM information website useful and we look forward to your next visit.

Note: This website is a BHIM App related information publishing platform. It is not the official website and it is not affiliated with government of India. We publish posts to educate Indians with insightful content to make it easier for them to use the App for money transactions.